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Wrinkle treatment with injection and facial sculpting

Wrinkle Treatment With Injection And Facial Sculpting

If you want to remove wrinkles without surgery, muscle relaxant injections may be right for you. We can treat, among other things, lines on the forehead, smile lines and "myserynka"

Remove uses a medicine which is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Allergan.

Pasient injiseres med antirynker injeksjoner fra Allergan som et trinn i rynkebehandling.
Procedure Time: 30 Min
Anesthesia: No
Duration Of Results: 3-5 Months
Back to Work: Immediately
Results: 1 Treatment

Before And After pictures

Til høyre: panne med rynker før rynkebehandling. Til venstre: Panne uten rynker etter rynkebehandling.
Til venstre: Panne med rynker forut for botox behandling av hud. Til høyre: Panne helt uten rynker etter botox behandling.

Free Consultation

We are an inclusive clinic that welcomes everyone and everyone to a free consultation.

Wrinkle treatment is available with Remove at the following clinics: 

Remove Oslo
Remove Trondheim