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Remove tattoo with Picoway laser treatment

We have the world's most effective and gentle laser for tattoo removal.

We use the market's most advanced tattoo removal laser, PicoWay® from Syneron Candela. Our laser treats all skin types and all types of tattoos with and without colors. PicoWay® is the new gold standard in tattoo removal, and removes tattoos much faster and more gently than other lasers.

Mange angrer på tatoveringene sine
Treatment time: Depends on the size of the tattoo
Anesthesia: No
Duration Of Results: Permanent
Back to Work: Immediately
Visible results: From 3 treatments

Remove Tattoo - Before And After Pictures

Treatment 1 To 5

Treatment 1 To 4

Treatment 1 To 2

Free Consultation

We are an inclusive clinic that welcomes everyone to a free consultation.

Tattoo removal is available with Remove at the following clinics: 
Remove Oslo
Remove Trondheim