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Laser hair removal for permanent hair removal

Gentle permanent hair removal with the market's most effective hair removal laser

Vi tilbyr permanent hårfjerning med markedets mest effektive hårfjerningslaser, GentleMax Pro ( i Oslo)  og Quanta Duetto ( i Trondheim). Disse hårfjerningslaserne har både Alexandrite (755 nm) og Nd:Yag (1064nm), hvilket gjør det mulig å behandle alle hudtyper. Våre lasere har integrert kjøling for bedre komfort.

Laser hair removal is used to remove unwanted hair growth and is an effective and safe treatment. The laser light is absorbed by dyes in the hair follicle, heats up and destroys the protein in the hair follicle so that it will not be able to produce new hair. We have three different growth phases and the treatment is only effective in the anagen phase. The proportion in this phase varies from where on the body the hair is. Therefore, more treatments are required.

Kosmetisk sykepleier er i ferd med å behandle kvinne med Gentle Max Pro hårfjerningslaser ved Remove Hudklinikk.
Procedure Time: 20 Min
Anesthesia: No
Duration Of Results: Permanent
Back to Work: Immediately
Results: 1 Treatment

Hair Removal (Laser) - Before And After Pictures

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Laser hair removal is available with Remove at the following clinics: 

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