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Juvederm Skinbooster – Anti Age Behandling

What Is Skinbooster?

Skinbooster is a skin-enhancing filler that revitalizes and improves the skin's appearance, texture and delays the aging process from within. Unlike other fillers, skinboost is not used for contouring and shaping the facial structure. Juvederm Volite improves the skin's elasticity, moisture and smoothes fine lines.

Documented effect is up to 9 months with only one treatment. Other comparable fillers need repeated treatments and have a shorter duration. Skinboost can be injected into the face, neck and neck.

Ei dame med myk, vital hud og illustrasjoner av molekyler for å symbolisere at Skinbooster behandlingen foregår på cellenivå.
Procedure Time: 20 Min
Anesthesia: Yes
Duration Of Results: 3-5 Months
Back to Work: Immediately
Results: 1 Treatment

Skinbooster - Before And After Pictures

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Juvederm Skinbooster is available with Remove at the following clinics: 

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