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PB Serum - Treat Loose Skin, Scars and Stretch Marks

What is PB-Serum Medical?

PB-Serum Medical is an innovative series of products that get rid of loose skin, scars and stretch marks. The Spanish product uses new and groundbreaking technology. The skin care products have been established in 43 countries, and are the only ones of their kind on the market.

This type of treatment is 100% natural, and gives unique results in various problem areas that have previously been very difficult to treat.

Active ingredients are a combination of three enzymes, lipase, collagenase and lyase. These enzymes work on different problem areas and are divided into three versions.

PB-Serum – Behandle Løs Hud, Arr og Strekkmerker
Procedure Time: 45 Min
Anesthesia: Yes
Duration Of Results: Permanent
Back to Work: Immediately
Results: 1 Treatment

PB Serum - Before And After Pictures

Pasient før og etter behandling av arr rundt øyet.
Pasient før og etter behandling av aknearr på kinnet.

Free Consultation

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PB-Serum Medical is available at the following clinics: 

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