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What is peeling?

An exfoliation is an effective method to remove dead skin cells and get a skin that feels healthy and is full of natural radiance. 

En hudsykepleier behandler en ung kvinne med Dermapen Microneedling ved Remove Hudklinikk.
Procedure Time: 40 Min
Anesthesia: No
Duration Of Results: 3-6 months
Back to Work: 1 day
Results: 1 Treatment

Skin Treatments - Before And After Pictures

Free Consultation

Before we perform any skin treatment at REMOVE, the customer undergoes a free skin consultation with one of our cosmetic dermatological nurses in advance, here you will be explained the different treatment methods adapted to your challenge and how to proceed effectively and as gently as possible. to your goals and expectations.

Feel free to book a consultation below in one of our clinics and you will get the help and guidance you need.

Skin treatment is available with Remove at the following clinics: 

Remove Oslo
Remove Trondheim