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Bursting Blood Vessels - Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment Of
Bursting Blood Vessels

Treatment of ruptured blood vessels.

Most of us have bigger or less ruptured blood vessels on our body. They can be seen in several places but are most often found on the face on the chest and on the legs. Many people want to have this removed as it can be annoying.

What exactly are ruptured blood vessels and why do they occur?

Bursting blood vessels is a common term for dilated, thin blood vessels that lie superficially and appear through the skin. For various reasons, the blood vessel walls can become weaker so that they become permanently dilated. Cracked blood vessels can be reddish or purple / bluish in color. They are harmless, but for some it can cause cosmetic problems.

On the legs, the blood vessels are often bluish to purple in color, and are called cobwebs. These most often occur in adulthood. It also has what is called a spider nevus or star sign, which is a local dilation of blood vessels in the skin. This creates a star- or spider-like skin change with blood vessels branching out from a red dot in the center.

Låret til en kvinne med sprengte blodkar som forstørres opp.
Procedure Time: 20 Min
Anesthesia: No
Duration Of Results: Permanent
Back to Work: Immediately
Results: 1 Treatment

Bursting Blood Tubes - Before And After Pictures

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