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What do our customers say?

"On a scale from 1 to 10 I experienced the pain only as 2. It was more painful to get the tattoo than removing it."

- Ina Holm (after the first treatment with PicoWay)


" made the process of removing unwanted tattoos an enjoyable experience. Painless treatment, excellent results and high level of service. Highly recommended!"
- Øyvind Haga Larsen


Faster, better and more gentle removal of tattoos


As the first clinic in Norway, we are conducting treatments with the most advanced tattoo removal laser, PicoWay® from Syneron Candela. Our laser treats all skin types and all types of tattoos with and without color. PicoWay® is the new gold standard in tattoo removal, removing tattoos far faster and easier than other lasers.


Prices and payment

Prices depend on the tattoo’s size and complexity as determined by a consultation with one of our doctors. You can choose between a variety of payment options. We will work to find a solution that suits you.


Faster results

Picoway® removes tattoos and pigmented lesions much faster than traditional lasers on the market today. Our technology allows for shorter intervals between each session, as well as more efficient sessions.


More gentle treatment

Older laser technology can cause pain and have negative side effects. Our laser uses extremely short pulses, which in consequence leads to less thermal development and safer treatment with less discomfort.


Would you like to know more about our laser tattoo removal? Book a consultation today and get the answer to any questions you may have about the procedure.