What is the cost of removing a tattoo?

The treatment price depends on the tattoo size, while the total price depends on how many treatments you need. There are many factors that determine how many treatments are necessary, including the tattoo color and the ink density/depth. For us to be able to give you the most accurate assessment, you need to come for a consultation with one of our doctors or nurses. We will then give you an estimate on how many treatments are needed, and you will get a non-binding quote.

Our prices start at NOK 2490 per treatment for tattoos up to 5x5 cm.

Consultation with a patch test costs NOK 590, however if you decide to proceed with a treatment, we will take the consultation fee off your bill, leaving the consultation free of charge.

NEW: We also offer payment by monthly installments for up to 3 years. Ask about this option when you contact us.

If you want an informal price estimate, you can also send us a picture of your tattoo to post@remove.no. Tell us when and where the tattoo was done.