How to remove tattoos

The first step to remove a tattoo is to book a consultation with one of our doctors or nurses. During the consultation the nurse will evaluate the tattoo size and color, and what skin type you have. There's also a test treatment included in the consultation to see how your skin reacts. Afterwards a time is set for an appointment for a full treatment if you choose to proceed.

At the next appointment we will conduct the first treatment. For removal of tattoos we use PicoWay®, the safest and most gentle laser on the market.

About the laser technology

Laser tattoo removal works by using extremely short laser pulses that break the tattoo ink into tiny particles, which the body then gets rid of through its natural waste system.

PicoWay® can remove tattoos in as little as 4-6 treatments, depending on factors like the tattoo ink, color and size, as well as skin type. Since PicoWay® is so gentle, the risk of scarring and hypopigmentation is significantly reduced.

Tattoo ink before and after treatment with PicoWay.

Tattoo ink before and after treatment with PicoWay.