Vår visjon

Remove AS was founded in 2012 with a goal of providing the most efficient and gentle removal of tattoos. Our ambition has been to offer the very latest technology, with the desired result in the shortest possible time. In this regard, we spent a lot of time on research, and we have followed developments closely.

In 2012, the best tattoo removal laser was the so-called Q-switch technology. This is an old technology that has been used for tattoo removal for decades. The weakness of this technology is that it requires many treatments to remove a tattoo, and you can not guarantee the desired result. In addition, the old technology is associated with pain, and with the danger of burns and scarring.

In October 2014, a new revolutionary laser entered the market, PicoWay by Syneron Candela. This laser has pulses that are 100 times shorter than the previous generation of lasers, and delivers three times the peak power output as the most powerful Q-switch laser. We have closely followed PicoWay’s results and clinical studies since its launch, and we are now certain that we have the best laser on the market, and a product that lives up to our vision.

It is with great pleasure and pride that we can now realize our vision, and provide the most efficient and gentle removal of tattoos.