What makes PicoWay the best tattoo removal laser?

PicoWay is the latest laser with picosecond technology (a picosecond is a trillionth of a second), and has significantly better performance than other lasers on the market. Until recently, so-called Q-switch lasers have been the industry standard for removing tattoos. These operate by laser pulses that are measured in nanoseconds, while PicoWay operates with picoseconds. PicoWay also has far better properties than the other picosecond lasers on the market. PicoWay has for instance nearly three times higher peak power than the older competitor PicoSure.


Peak power is the power which constitutes the photoacoustic effect that breaks up the ink into tiny particles. The higher peak power, the smaller ink particles, and the faster the ink is transported out of the body. In addition, PicoWay has the shortest pulses, which means less heat and safer and more gentle treatment. This makes it possible with only 4 weeks between each treatment, unlike the other lasers which require 6-8 weeks between each treatment.


Peak power

Fotona QX Max is a Q-switch-laser

Another advantage with PicoWay is that it can operate in two different wavelengths, 1064 nm and 532 nm. 1064 nm is an ideal wavelength for removal of the most common tattoo color, black. In addition, this wavelength can be used to remove brown, green, blue and purple. 532 nm is used to remove red, yellow and orange.